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This Week in Peace Chronicles, the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. This week, the Peace Dancer took part in San Jose's annual Juneteenth Festival and with the start of summer encourages each of us to follow our personal purpose.

Greetings to everyone reading! Summer has begun, bringing with it longer days. What can we do with the additional daylight? This is something to ponder. The possibilities are endless. There are only 12 short weeks in this favorable season, starting now. It is important that we choose our activities in the spirit of joy and purpose – our purpose. Summer is no time to labor away on the demands of others. If there is a season to practice our instinct, summer is it! Need an adventure? Set out! Overheated? Jump in the pool. Overwhelmed? Take a nap by the fan. Let's honor the season and ourselves by delegating anything that we don't really want to do. Have fun, everyone!

The Dance of Peace was delighted to participate in the annual Juneteenth Festival in Discovery Meadow this weekend. Forty-five states now celebrate Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day. Not only is it a celebration of emancipation in our nation, it is a reminder that freedom should reign everywhere. It is the birthright of each human being to choose what brings the highest happiness and fulfillment. The Dance of Peace expresses this value by being an activity that strives to foster peace in every heart. Without the freedom to live fully by making our own choices, it is challenging to find peace. This day, along with Akoma Arts, the Dance of Peace blossomed on stage at midday on Saturday. Drummers played their rhythms, the heartbeat of music since the beginning. Miss Carolyn Jones sang the classic, “Wade in Water.” This is a spiritual song, a call of faith and action. The combination of drumming, singing, dancing and clapping was moving to the people present. Afterward, a participant said, "It healed my soul!" The Dance of Peace grows in form and flight in these moments. It grows by being eye to eye with people, fully present. It grows by the giving and receiving of energy from the heart. Each of us carries this flame. It is ours to wield as we please. What we apply our power to is up to us. Let it be reflective of the mighty beings that we are.

Another great aspect of Juneteenth is that it brings a wonderfully diverse group of people together. It was paradise to see different cultures eagerly sharing and learning about each other. Every culture has unique cuisine, history and music to share. It is exciting to participate in this sharing. In doing this, we expand the respect and cooperation that is possible between us. Later that day, a drum circle took place in the center of the park, open to all. A drum circle represents cooperation in its purest form; everyone contributing in a way that is fun and proactive. It pleased the players and attracted dancers and observers from all over the park. Miraculously, a real live baby around age one reached for me and allowed me to pick her up out of her stroller. We hadn't been formally introduced but that isn't always necessary with babies. They feel vibrations easily and communicate honestly. She became my dance partner, staying snugly in my arms. She was a natural at dancing, listening intently, smiling and waving her small, chubby arms. Too cute!

One of the most anticipated events of Bay Area summers takes place in San Francisco this weekend. The Pride Parade is another occasion to celebrate diversity and work together. After attending this event regularly for 10 years, I casually mentioned how much I was looking forward to it at a family dinner this week. One teenager said, "We don't want to go this year. We're afraid." This was such sad news. The fact that the senseless and tragic violence taking place in our nation would change a young mindset to one of fear is discouraging. We all mourn the loss of life that too often ruins our world. Many people are on the verge of despair. Grieving is warranted but as a people, we cannot give up. If we fail to celebrate each other, or live in fear of gathering together, terror wins. It is our duty to shine our light ever brighter by practicing love and respect for each other and for our liberty. We can accomplish this by practicing uplifting thoughts and speech. We practice this by treating each other with kindness and consideration. What is the point of that? It is a system of victory that encourages us all. Thank you and see you out there!

***Hours/Location for the weekly Dance of Peace Performances:

Sundays 11am, Campbell Farmers' Market 
Tuesdays 12 noon, San Carlos and Meridian, San Jose


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What a privilege it is to be in the life of such a delightfully, enlightened, inspiring young woman! Keep up the amazingly insightful words of heart felt expressions!

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