Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and San Jose: The Bay Area Reacts To Ongoing Police Violence

Within the past couple of days there has been an uproar of police violence and lives lost, from Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, Fullerton, and sadly right in our city of San Jose. Here are some photos from this week of folks showing up for justice for those who've lost their lives.

Anthony Nuñez was 18 years old when he was shot and killed by SJPD at his home this July 4th. A fund is set up to donat to this family in this time of need at this link.

His mother weeping, being consoled by family and Laurie Valdez whose partner was also killed by San Jose State University Police.

Anthony's sister writing signs for the donation bottle, "Donations for Anthony. Please help, every penny counts. Anthony Nuñez was shot and killed by SJPD at age 18."

Family, friends and community have created a memorial in front of his home.

Three families who belong to the circle of families who've lost loved ones to police violence at the vigil in Downtown San Jose on Wednesday evening. Laurie Valdez partner of Antonio Guzman and Chandra Jacquez former partner of Harpo Jacquuez help Anthony Nuñez's aunt hold his photo.

Laurie wears the bracelets to honor those lost to police violence, Harpo Jacquez, Diana Showman and her partner Antonio Guzman.

Folks gather in Oakland Thursday evening in response to police violence.

Oscar Grant's Uncle Bobby holds a photo of the man who took his nephew's life.

A woman screenprinting at the Oakland rally giving out free signs that read "Black Lives Matter."

Young folks marching today in Downtown San Jose. A young man's sign reads, "Good cops will stand with us and admit bad cops do wrong."

The youth marching against police state violence in the streets of Downtown San Jose.

A young woman held the sign today that reads "Justice for______? I left it blank because I'll probably use this again!"

Please donate and help spread the word of this online fundraiser for Anthony Nuñez's family as they will try and cover costs for his funeral.

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