The Night Dance Explores the Sights and Sounds of Our City After Dark

This Week in Peace Chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. This past week, The Dance of Peace explored the city at night, danced at Santana Row and is now also spreading the vibration of peace in Santa Cruz on Wednesday afternoons.

Greetings! Welcome to This Week In Peace. It is always a ripe time to discuss peace activities. Consider it a higher state of mind. Thoughts of peace hold a higher vibrational frequency than our normal patterns of habitual stress and worry. This higher vibration can heal the body and mind in unexpected ways when it is given focused attention. Additionally, any time these thoughts of light are shared with others, they are magnified and multiplied. Even ten minutes of deliberately dwelling on peace within can strengthen and sustain us. Free of charge!

This week the Dance of Peace was busy exploring the sights and sounds of our city after dark. The brief, temperate nights of summer make it possible to extend the times and range of this activity. San Jose's own Santana Row has been the preferred location for what I affectionately call “The Night Dance.” It differs greatly from the day, especially here as the performance is expanded by the density of the captive audience. Peace is heightened under the cool night sky, relaxing people and making them more open to feeling peace. What Santana Row lacks in reasonably priced housing, it makes up for in aesthetic beauty. At night it's fully illuminated by streetlights, moonlight, starlight and mood light. Treats are available late into the evening and many families enjoy relaxing outdoors together there.

Beauty, light, families from around the world and multiple polished wood decks to serve as stages make this the perfect location to spread peace. The soft, mild night breezes somehow lend themselves to peace by being something we can all feel.

Curious children of all ages draw near. Some dance, clap and perform freely. Some hide and watch from a distance. One young lady around age ten chose to hide, peeking out from behind a pole with a big grin. She watched with such rapt attention and obvious delight that I took some time away from dancing to confer with her. "Come out and dance. It will be fun!"

She continued to hide and grin saying, " I can't!"

We laughed together and I told her, "Yes you can. Anyone can!"

She shook her head, "I'm the only one in the world who can't."

This concerned me, but she seemed content watching from a distance. I resolve to dedicate an extra portion of peace to her. Using a shining heart and the high vibration of peace, her shy, joyful image becomes a part of the dance. All of us are capable of uplifting others in this easy, psychic way.

Earlier in this same location, a run-in with security bizarrely helped to increase the peace. In the middle of the dance, one security guard stood watching at the edge of the platform. He didn't seem to speak or move, yet he radioed for back up and soon there were two of them. One smiled and waved his arms. I approach him but continued dancing so that the spirit of peace could affect him while we discussed terms. "I can't have you doing this here without a permit," he said, "I'm really sorry." He did look sad, too, that he had to suspend the dancing.

I told them that I had applied for one and said, "I'm making the best use of my time until I hear back from someone." They talk this over with each other and their radios. I dance away then return in a few moments to hear the outcome of their conversation. It made the audience point and stare to see them asking questions. For the record, these guards were kids, clean-cut and polite but with serious security business to oversee.

"What did they say?" I ask.

"The only thing is that I can't have you with your signs out. Can you put them down so that they can't be seen for now?"

This seemed like a reasonable compromise. The Dance of Peace is a function of intention, joy, concentration and elevation for all of us. It radiates the spirit of peace with or without “proper” signage.  We were all excited that the dance could continue and when I clapped, they did too. Very funny!

The Dance of Peace has also expanded to the Santa Cruz Farmer's market for the summer. It takes place every Wednesday in downtown Santa Cruz from 2-6pm. This is a call not only to see the Dance of Peace there, but for all performers to come share their gift in this unique setting. Anyone can participate, just limit performances to 30-40 minutes to give others a chance to play. This flexible format gives artists the opportunity to watch and encourage each other. If performing isn't a temptation, come out for the amazing fruits, vegetables and numerous nearby beaches. Thanks and see you out there!


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We need this relief every week , to remind us that we can be a part of everyone if we resolve in our heart and mind to be peaceable with all. Thank you is not enough!

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