The Truth About Life Is That It Is All Connected

This Week in Peace Chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah answers frequently asked questions from the people who come across the Dance of Peace, offering a moment of deepening connection and she invites you to participate in a new Dance of Peace class!

Greetings! Welcome to This Week in Peace. Today we will field the questions most frequently asked by people during the Dance of Peace. This is relevant because answering people's questions is a large part of how the Dance of Peace serves the community. Additionally, the questions that people ask reflect what is on their minds. It reveals some of what goes on inside when they see the Dance of Peace. The fact that members of the community feel safe asking their questions to someone they've never met before speaks volumes about our potential to deepen communication, thereby expanding the connection that already exist between us.

Recently, the most frequently asked question has been, "What kind of dance are you doing?" This question is a favorite because it acknowledges that people are confounded when we try to categorize everything in our world. Categorizing things may seem to give an easily accessible frame of reference, but really, it places limitations on the essence of things. Lets broaden our patterns of thinking! It is a fun, intelligence enhancing thing for us to practice as evolving beings. Practicing open-minded intelligence when we observe the world around us contributes to peace on many levels. We develop new skills with which to solve problems. What is the first step in this process of growing intelligence? Asking questions. Then having the courage that it takes to be less reactive to the answers.

The same reply is cheerfully given to everyone who asks what type of dance it is: "It's a dance of peace! It is done to help foster peace in the hearts of everyone watching."

"Is it African?"  Yes, because I am.

"Is it Hula? Because that's MY type of dance."  Yes, because all dance belongs to all people.

"Is it modern dance?"  Yes, because it's happening now, in our modern times.

"Is it advertising something?"  Yes, it's specifically promoting peace in every heart.

These replies are not meant to be sly or condescending. On the contrary, they are formulated to relate to everyone, everywhere. It's up to the individual what they want to take with them and what thoughts they choose to think about what they are witnessing. May the spirit of peace accompany all of those who inquire.

The second frequently asked question is a surprising one: "Why bother yourself with creating peace? Life is nice. Don't worry so much." People with these comments are right. Life IS nice. It is a beautiful delight and we are all very fortunate to have this gift. To get the most out of life, however, it's important to understand how life really works. The hidden scientific truth about life is that it's all connected. Every living thing is made up of the same elements. Everything exists in an interwoven environment, on one planet and within cyclical time that only moves forward for all of us. Physics professor Dr. Don Elkins spent years researching this theory in his book series, "The Law of One." In it he gives the following statement as the beginning and the end of his research:

"You are everything. Every being, emotion and event… You are unity. You are infinity. You are light/love. This is the Law of One."

As difficult as this may be to believe given our current predicament as a species, we can still apply this well-researched truth to our daily life. It is within our power to manifest situations, feelings and actions of peace in our environments. Lets keep the awareness that our actions and choices can contribute to peace in the forefront of our minds. This is a much better use of our vast collective mental powers than finding fault with the world at large. An easy way to begin is by talking and listening, especially when someone's views do not match our own. Not vibing with that person? That's good! That provides the opportunity to part in peace and try again with someone else. Keep practicing. This is what the Dance of Peace strives to achieve while dancing and fielding questions in our neighborhoods each day. It strives to offer hope, joy and a safe place to dance in a heartfelt spirit of peace. 

Can't do it on a public street?

The Dance of Peace is now a class! It is appropriate for all ages and levels of dance. It is held every Friday morning at 8:30am. It is a space for the community to dance, create joy and come together in peace. Please send an email to for details, locations and directions. Thanks and see you out there!



***Hours/Location for the weekly Dance of Peace Performances:

Sundays 11am, Campbell Farmers' Market 
Tuesdays 12 noon, San Carlos and Meridian, San Jose
Wednesdays 2-6pm, Downtown Santa Cruz Farmer's Market for the summer 


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