De-Bug's Gail and Lamar Noble Featured On featured Gail Noble who has been working with families guiding them  through the legal process when they've felt alone. She herself knows what it's like to have a loved one incarcerated and facing time. Here, she is on Darnell Moore's series, "The Movement" with her personal story as she guides her son Lamar who is facing charges that were recently dropped.

The Movement is a groundbreaking new Mic original series, hosted by senior correspondent Darnell Moore.

The new show is dedicated to the individuals who fight to reclaim and recover marginalized communities across America. Rooted in activism, The Movement highlights positive stories in marginalized communities, the stories that aren't being covered by the media and aren't being discussed on the campaign trail. In the face of unlikely odds, the work and dedication of these individuals is lifting up young lives, and transforming their communities for the better. This series is about — and for — the invisible heroes making a difference.

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