Andrew Bigs Is On Tour, Bridging The Nation

DeBug's own Andrew Bigs is on the Vans Warped Tour for music, but while he on tour he is stopping in each city talking to community members for a video podcast called "Bridge The Nation", aimed to highlight the work of an organization and to raise the greater awareness of the advocacy & community work happening around the country.

Follow Andrew and check out some of the community he's been bridging at this link.

Houston, TX 

To Write Love On Her Arms is a long time Non-Profit on Van's Warped Tour aiding communities with Mental Health services and support. A national organization, TWLOHA has a wide range of services and continues to support young people in transitional parts of life. Here, Casey from To Write Love On Her Arms discusses the origins of their organization, the importance mental health care.

Dallas, TX 

Saba of Barricade Culture Shop in Las Cruces speaks on art, culture and community in Las Cruces, the importance of clean water and #DayOfEquity. Saba is a part of a campaign entitled Water Is Life fighting for clean water rights for Native Communities in the SouthWest. Saba has joined the #H2Flow and #WellsOnWarped campaign on Van's Warped Tour to continue to raise awareness about the need for clean, accessible water.


Jessie Owens has been a strong advocate and facilitator of the Non-Profit world on the Van's Warped Tour. She has been passionate about bringing organizations and awareness to the 600,000 in attendance for Warped Tour across the country. In this podcast, she discusses the organizations at Warped Tour, water advocacy, and #DayOfEquity.

       St. Petersburg, FL 

Martese Mason is a founder of Skully Serves and is currently on the Van's Warped Tour with the organization. Skully Serves focuses on connecting communities in need, social influencers, and the larger public that wants to serve. Here, Martese discusses the beginnings of Skully Serves, the importance of collaboration in engaging communities in service and ‪#DayOfEquity.

Boston, MA 

The Chill Foundation is an organization that gives the opportunity to underserved youth to experience outdoor sports like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and paddle boarding. While experiencing these sports, Chill provides mentoring to the youth to learn life lessons that can be applied to their everyday life. Zack Englar from discusses the impact of outdoor activities on underserved youth, the power of mentors, and the Chill Foundation's lessons through snowboarding, skating and surfing.

For more info visit their facebook.

About Andrew Bigelow

Andrew Bigelow is a Hip Hop artist as well as a writer and organizer with SiliconValley De-Bug. Follow him on social media as @HeIsAndrewBigs

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