An Interview with the Duo Who Brings You East San Jose's Snaughty & Friends Art Shows

Coming straight out of East San José, Dacia Ramos and Everardo Moran Casas have given birth to a new D.I.Y based movement bringing together artists of all mediums to showcase their talents. Read the interview Jose Govea and Crystal Cisneros-Villa collaborated on.

Dacia Ramos, 20, manager of Snaughty and Everardo Moran Casas, 21, founder of Snaughty and the Snaughty and Friends art shows, went headfirst into the art scene. Having no true guidance on how an art show should be organized, the couple invited their friends to help present their first Snaughty and Friends show on June 11, 2016. This set off an urban trend for many starving artists within San Jose; painters, graph artists, musicians, and DJs all came together to contribute and give birth to a new D.I.Y based movement.

Everado & Dasia at the Snaughty merch table

Jose & Crystal: Do you think art spaces are available for up and coming artist?

Everardo: No. People are broke; venues have prices to them. Like you said, we don’t have enough money to even get a venue.

Dacia: Yeah. It’s available if you get enough artists to pitch in for an actual venue.

Everardo: Yes it’s possible, but most of us don’t have the money to even consider that. 

J & C: How did you guys change that?

Everardo: We started in our house, that’s it!

Dacia: For the first Snaughty and Friends, we were in Hawaii and brought up the idea of throwing our own show. My mom was going to Scotland for two weeks once we got back to San Jose.

Everardo: Her mom left and we asked if we could mess up her house (chuckling).

Dacia: We talked about it until we got back and said to ourselves 'Dang, we only got a week if we want to do this.' And yeah, it just happened from there. We text my mom and she replied “No partying,” and I explained that it wasn’t even like that. From there we only had four days to plan it out. 

Everardo: We got her mother’s permission and we completely wiped out her living room. After that we just planned in the moment and got everything we needed little by little.

J & C: How did you get the idea and reach out to people? 

Everardo: It was from our friends. A lot of our friends are musicians and artists. We put out flyers on Instagram and Twitter and eventually everyone spread the word.

After we went to Ruben Juarez’s home art show named Girth of Art, it completely changed us and we saw that events and showcases could literally be hosted in people’s homes.  

J & C: What made you take the responsibility to start your venue?

Everardo: Because we are broke.

Dacia: It’s probably only 70% that, but I think we’re not established enough.

Everardo: We’re not going to get a venue and set up half-assed or go in not knowing what to do.

Dacia: It’s more comfy having our own venue, there's nothing but people around our age. We don't feel judged and we’re free to do what we want. 

Snaughty and Friends 2, folks viewing the art walls

J & C: Where do you guys see San Jose art right now? 

Everardo: To be honest with you, we hadn't been involved with shows until we threw our own thing. After the Girth of Art we wanted to throw our own. Now that we’ve thrown our own, we go and check out local stuff and we got into creating spaces. 

Snaughty & Friends 2 art walls

J & C: Knowing you guys play music, what influences do you have for your material?

Jose: I heard that you have a taste for East Coast Hip-Hop.

Everardo: I do, I don’t point out exactly who I use for my samples but I listen to stuff like Tyler (The Creator), Childish Gambino. I got a bunch of MF DOOM samples.

Jose: I see that you use a mask when performing, to me that completely says East Coast. And I also saw Dacia spitting some freestlye lines up on stage. It’s great to see a couple that’s fascinated with culture and music.


J & C: Do you think you're helping steer people away from negativity?  Do you think you're bringing people together?

Everardo: Of course! Just like going out the movies, people go out there to recoup, to laugh, and to forget about the negativity, it's the same feeling with our shows.

Dacia: Same thing, we can use our shows to bring up these major issues. We have people gathering together. It's really messed up what's happening in our country.

Jose: Killings are becoming more common and we’re becoming desensitized to each case. The news fear-mongers us all. 

Dacia: The news is depressing. Yeah everything is going on and I'm aware of it, but there are other events and situations happening in our world, too. They only show the same type of issues within each station. Right now the topic in America is completely wrong, we have people going against each other and killing one another. It doesn't matter if you're a cop or not, racism should never be put up with. It's 2016.

Jose: I feel like you guys give identity to people like us, people of color; brown culture. It gives people something to be excited for, it's something that's special to us.

Dacia: Yes! It’s something specifically for us. 

J & C: How can people get involved or showcase their art at your shows?

Everardo: For music, we tell people to send us their links and then we gather our team to listen to different material. It can't just be Dacia and I because we like certain music. It's best if we have a variety of tastes listening to what's sent.           

Quiet Planet performs at Snaughty Kids 2

Jose: Can anyone bring their canvases or the art they want to display? When I went to your shows, all the art looked legit. Every piece actually looked well done and finished.

Dacia: Yeah! Some artists even brought out white paper sketches framed. We encourage people to bring their sheets with art, however they feel comfortable bringing their art – it's all welcome. 

Any future plans?

Everado: Extend the time for our shows. We want to bring out more vendors, art pieces and preformers to our shows. We also want to make shows specifically set out for either venders, for art, or just music. We want to have cyphers for artists who can flow, and we want to have listening parties for up and coming artists.

Dacia: We want to encourage people to help donate also. The money we get from donations is purely used to fund our shows. We used the money during our second show to buy the walls that people hung their art on. If there is any extra money we recycle it and use it for the next event we have planned.

Any special shoutouts?

Everardo: Dasia, Jose, Crystal, Differ, Fermin, Blake Rollins, Maricruz, TurntBoi95, Crate, Ruben Juarez. Anyone who brought art or helped out!


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