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This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventure’s of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition the Dancer of Peace encourages us to harmonize with our mother earth and she visited Santa Clara University to encourage the dreams of our youth.

Hello! Welcome to This Week in Peace. Part one, let's check in with our planet. It's summer season here in the U.S. still. This means different things to different people. For instance, our Bay Area summer has been dry while many in our nation are coping with the ravages of flooding as we speak. This Week in Peace, though not an official weather report, strives to contribute to harmony on all levels. This effort encompasses our relationship to the Earth. The following is a short list of things that we can do to help us to harmonize with our environment: 

A) Lay on the earth. Grass, soil or sand work well. This practice is calming and grounding. It was commonly used by Native Americans to determine when the optimum time to plant crops had arrived. B) Watch the sun rise or set. An hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, it is safe to look directly into the sun. Since humans are primarily made of energy, each of our cells will be organically charged by this process. C) Visit with the moon and stars. The exact same moon has been shining upon the earth since the beginning of humanity. This knowledge coupled with the healing silver light of the moon can have a peaceful effect on the human psyche.

Back to the peace report: The Dance of Peace had the privilege of being invited to a college readiness summit at Santa Clara University. The students of San Jose's Sunrise Middle School enjoyed an exclusive, overnight event on the campus. Most of these children come from 'underprivileged'  backgrounds. The goal of the excursion was not only to observe college life, but to encourage them to set their sights much higher than what their backgrounds may dictate for them. Mentors  were present to reinforce the message that with persistence, anything can be accomplished, including attending a prestigious university like Santa Clara.

After a long day of activities, we gathered in one of the auditoriums. We discussed the movie “McFarland” which they had just watched. It was inspiring to listen to the students describe their difficulties, struggles and strategies for overcoming obstacles. My friend Teresa was helping to oversee the program. She was loving and encouraging as the students expressed themselves. She introduced me and let me know that there was only a short time left before they all had to go to bed. It was past 10pm at this point.

Upon hearing this, there was only one thing to do. The list of planned “important” talking points was quickly tossed aside. These students had already been sitting still, listening courteously all night. I stood up on the piano bench. In less than 30 seconds, I summarized my work as a dancer of peace with the accompanying mission of peace in every heart. Then the music began, transforming the event into a celebration! Part peace performance, part free for all, part shy kids go hide in the corner. The Dance of Peace is meant to nurture the mind body connection. The dance is meant to bring us together in peace. Most importantly on this night, the dance seals the learning process with the shiny glitter-glue affectionately known as 'fun'. Fun solidifies learning by making it an experience rather than just a lesson. The spirit of peace is a lighthearted energy that is deeply connected to fun. Note that fun is located in the upper left chest pocket. It can be accessed at any time. Enjoy your experiments using this awesome energy! Thanks and see you out there!

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