Fear and Loathing in Politics – Snake Oil Salesman Revivalist, a 80's Disaster Film Review

In a fictionalized film review of real events, M. Jimenez writes a narrative recounting a campaign trail of how people so easily surrender freedom for lies under the guise of politics. Ultimately, he is a voice of the marginalized, “I am an immigrant; I must believe there is a place for me, here, even if it is speaking against the lies they tell about me, or my kind.”

We walk through the lost desolate streets of Babylon, USA this is a fictional place, and all likeness to reality is coincidence.

We are in a place where the world has turned upside down, a man claiming to have the answers had arrived, a snake oil salesman, he says he is here to be a champion of a naïve people. It is like the stories we were told, he is the revivalist of an old tale, one that tells of a great country, a country that never was, he says he will save them, he will be their champion, he will win; he and they will be first.

Did they not hear the warning? The first shall be last.

I can hear the man; he is blaming many for the ills of a nation. He is the faith healer and with his touch he will cure his empire from invasion.

The attacks are real; there are many random acts of violence. He has found the culprits, they are foreign, and they are of another faith. 

How many more times must men follow, before they lead themselves? They are the lost, this desolate land, this Babylon is filled with vendors, they are not his followers. What can one say, where is the real? This procession is unholy. What is real is that the world is ruled by a global empire that hides behind its corporate anonymity. Immigrants are the last bastion of resistance against this control. When a slaver sells his people out for profit, who hides his wealth from the republic he swears by? He is not your friend. 

The snake oil salesman has claimed to know that foreigners are eating up the nation, that its treaty called NAFTA has been bad, but for whom? Not for him or his wealthy brotherhood. 

He does not name himself as a benefactor, who is this charlatan?

His empire is built on the backs of the many he attacks, immigrants and the poor people of foreign lands. This is like a story from a Huxley novel, the alphas have built a naïve people pacified by lies and delusions. They are the victims, they were once great, but it was never so – it was a lie, it is still a lie. Its claim to greatness was ridden with conflict, its democracy is one of exclusion, to the tribes and nations it invaded, and murdered, it was the false state who committed the first crime.

We are not their invaders. We, their servers, what has become of us?

Are not their industries built upon people like us? Can they also blame their own for sending off these jobs to deregulated feudal empires? (Latin America is the plantation; Babylon is the kingdom.)

Why do people flee the nations they come from? Free democratic nations where politicians speak of values all the while killing students and being paid off by cartels. 

Why are the poor to blame for the few, the corrupt?

There are many crimes but the lesser crime is existing in another nation away from the false free nation of Mexico. They are servants of the global trade, they serve the best that pay for their plantation, is not manufacturing of American cars/technology there?

Were not the people of the New World victim of a capital perfected by the colony? Did foreign trade not bleed out their nations? The dirty wars throughout Latin America were for profit and that profit was led by men like Milton Friedman.

There is a man, he is the voice of a lost time, John Perkins, he says he was one of them, a defector; he made them sign those shady deals with the empire. He, the jackal of “Free Trade.”

My friends hear bands in the streets of Babylon. One of them named Rage, is playing out here, they are rebels, and they are warning a people. They can here the call, they know of the danger; they can feel it out here, in this parade.

The man is a clever man, his promise is an empty one, and he does not explain the greatness he seeks.

With those vague notions, how can these people believe? Have they forgotten? Do they not hear that he is false? Are not his words devoid of value?

We are here, in this vast place, filled with people that hear the promise, and will reap their regret. 

We are not the killers, we are not the rapists, but they the crowd, the mob believe otherwise. They want someone to blame, they want someone to speak, but this is not the man, he is a false prophet. He is a fool that doesn’t know their holy book, a man that misquotes it, that thinks himself a great orator, but his words are like a ponzy scheme of the self-serving. 

There is no value in those simplifications of existence, the world to the naive is black and white, there are no good guys here. He attacks the government for its governance, which is an imposed criminal state. Did they not forget the past? Were they born elected? What of the people who lived in the plains, before industry came, before people claimed a false state?

They say there is a rising violent state, a group of people who claim rebellion. They are a convenient enemy; they are a lost and wronged people. They believe they will become like the empire, they will become like the State, by acts of violence in the name of liberation.

Don’t they see that their actions feed the war? They are a desperate people that place judgment on the many; the coffers of the wealthy have reaped from a war built on lies. Where are the weapons they sold to that oil driven nation?

Do they think that the children who saw the bombs drop do not remember? They think that war is justified; these are absurd times.

Have you heard of the writer Camus, who wrote of the absurd? Was he not a French resistance fighter? Did he not fight that plague of Nazi death? Did his book not speak of the many who were taken by a sickness? Where did it come from? From reasoning of falsehood. Reasoning from errors. 

If you have not read it, or if you have did not the son of the judge abandon his father because he was a judge who sentenced people to death? A son who found his judgments unbearable. Is not fighting the absurdity of man the cause of all people, religious or not?

This place is a lost desert, the desert of the real. 

The attacks are real, but their recounting is false. 

I am an immigrant; I must believe there is a place for me, here, even if it is speaking against the lies they tell about me, or my kind. 

This is a fictional story, any likeness to realty is coincidence; this is the trailer to a disaster film yet to be televised.


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This explains my frustration and anger. It is absurd and it's obscene and the revolution will not be televised.

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