Now is the Time for Courage

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventure’s of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition the Dancer of Peace relays that creating peace in our lives takes courage.

Welcome and greetings to everyone reading! This Week in Peace strives to serve as an oasis in the desert of mass media, a place where there is encouragement and reflective experiences that nourish our souls.

The topic of conversation this week is courage, an integral part of the soul. Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines courage as "the ability to conquer fear or despair." It also provides an entertaining list of synonyms such as "grit, gumption, pluck and fiber." Let's explore these terms as they relate to peace. 

Creating peace in our lives takes a great deal of courage. Taking a stand always includes some level of risk. To improve our lives, our relationships and our world courage must be included in our strategy. When our minds and spirits grow dissatisfied due to people and things that we cannot control, it is this element of courage that urges us to take the needed action to remedy our circumstances. Courage is closely related to peace. When we act using this quality, we inspire others to act powerfully, effecting positive changes. To witness oneself doing courageous things increases the sense of worthiness and contentment. It does not take any special training to act courageously. It only takes practice and a honed ability to listen when the inner voice says, "Rise Up!" 

This week the Dance of Peace took place at Sunrise Middle School in San Jose. It was part of a recruitment program for after school activities. The cafeteria was crowded with hungry young folks getting snacks and talking with friends. We (myself and principal Teresa Robinson) wanted to offer a peace performance that would spark their interest in learning dance in the non-competitive spirit of peace. Aides set up the amplification system. This is the fun part! Students love it when there are microphones afoot because they know that they could possibly get a turn to use them. Some of them are the same students who participated in the SCU college prep program a few weeks ago. They yell out, "You're the peace dancer!" We are all delighted by this! It is always the goal to get everyone excited and united to the point where spontaneous dancing breaks loose in the spirit of peace. That did not happen this day but we're keeping the hope alive! 

The students watch with wide-eyed interest, cheering and clapping. After the dance I used my microphone powers to inquire why no one joined in like we invited them to do. The group laughed shouting, "we will! we will!" They were energized by the music! Next, individual students used their courage to be an example, performing for their peers and dancing freely for all to see. Unknowingly, they lifted the hopes and hearts of those watching. When one student displayed this boldness of spirit, others followed. A girl named Esmeralda stole the show. She requested her own music and had an entire choreographed routine ready to perform. Her dance was so creative and precise that the entire room erupted into a chorus of oohs and aahs. When she was done gliding, posing, popping and locking, the entire audience expressed joy, laughter and amazement. People stood up, yelling, stomping and chanting. Was it chaos? Yes! We can expect similar surprises when we act peacefully with a heart of courage!

This beautiful reaction represents the magic that a single act of courage can produce. When we step forward in this way, with the heart and the will to shine, we activate intangible forces around us. We touch others spiritually in ways that we may never realize. Doing so contributes to peace by unifying, inspiring and strengthening from within. This bolsters the vibration of harmony, which we aspire to as a people. Each day can provide new opportunities for this if we are open to it. Thanks and see you out there!

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