Peace Is At Our Fingertips

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventure’s of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah relates bringing the spirit of peace to one of the places with the most organized chaos - an airport.

Greetings to all who are reading! This Week in Peace is an exciting forum for expressing, reporting, and channeling ideas and notions of peace into reality. In our trying times, it’s easy to see peace as a far-fetched dream. On the contrary, peace is always at our fingertips. We will explore this further, but first, peace news!

This week was filled with adventure on the road and at home. One week ago, the Dance of Peace broke ground in Phoenix, Arizona by performing for the first time inside the airport there. Phoenix is a large hub for citizens from around the world. The opportunity was ripe for peace dancing with long lines, delays and people marooned in their seats staring restlessly at their devices. There was a spacious lobby near security gate C23. The guard there was a lovely lady with her hair braided into a crown on her head. We greeted each other and spoke casually about travel conditions. Experience has shown it to be much more effective not to ask for permission from people in the vicinity, rather to simply set up and start dancing. This strategy is useful for all peace efforts and demonstrations. We grant ourselves permission. We can use our sovereign will to act independently for peace at any time. This is the main aspect of the “always at our fingertips” approach.

The instant that the dance was launched, people took a curious interest in what was happening. The high levels of security in our airports have made spontaneous performances rare occurrences there. Using the power of peace, uplifting music and joyful dance, the vibration in the area began to rise. Children pointed out the dance with faces of amazement. The spirit of peace expands readily whenever it is called upon, so an increasing number of eyes softened with smiles. No one questioned its reason or legitimacy. Numerous airport employees passed by and showed full support with their words and expressions of joy. It was sharing of peace, pure and complete, uniting us all in silent wonder!

Wonder is born when we experience beautiful things that we do not expect. When was the last time this happened to you? Think back for to that experience. Relive the lighthearted surprise, the laughter and ease that followed. We may be thinking, I don’t remember the last time something like that happened to me. That thought is an important one! It is a call to action. Instead of waiting for wonder to happen to us, we are free to create in peace each day. Worth thinking about and striving for!

Here in San Jose, we are fortunate to have multiple organizations, individuals, and faiths that are ready and willing to act in the interest of peace. One such place is San Jose Peace and Justice Center in the heart of downtown. Every Friday 10-11am, classes for the Dance of Peace take place there. One of the most powerful ways that we can help to foster peace is by connecting with others. Attend a class, start your own event, reach out to people who are already working for the cause. Starting here and now, we materialize our dreams of peace step by step. Each of us plays a part. Realize that yours matters. Thanks and see you out there!


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