A Letter to Young Folks About Voting This November

From a recent conversation where young people where either too young to vote and following the election to a newly registered voter uncertain of whether to vote or not, Diane Solomon was inspired to reach out with a letter to young folks about their impact on the future of California at the voting booth.

Dear young folks,

Good G-d! 

Why would you want to have anything to do with the presidential election? 

With Satan’s best girl running against the anti-Christ, who’d want anything to do with that?  Voting for Jill Stein is my way of saying “F.U.” to the both of them and the whole darn process.

Please do register to vote so you can vote for or against the state and local ballot initiatives that will directly affect us. Many of them will make right long standing inequities.

The star of California’s November ballot is Proposition 57. Your "yes" vote will increase parole and good behavior opportunities for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes and will have judges, not prosecutors, deciding whether to try juveniles as adults in court.

If you’re a member of the DeBug Community, you likely know that the death penalty is dished out unfairly. Because so many more people of color get that sentence, twenty-one other states have abolished it.  A majority “yes” vote for Proposition 62 will repeal the death penalty and makes life without the possibility of parole the maximum punishment for murder. 

Tired of mass serial killings and want to do something about it? Proposition 63 will require ammo purchasers to have a permit that dealers must see before selling to them. This will also make it much harder for killers to get large-capacity magazines, it will increase the penalty for possessing them and it will enact a court process designed to prevent certain individuals from having firearms in the first place.

If you haven’t connected these dots, no other countries have the U.S.’s huge numbers of civilians murdering each other and gunshot accidents because they wisely limit access to guns.

More should be done but this is a good start and it’s first start.

Big bad pharmaceutical companies overcharge the State of California for the drugs the state buys for Medi-Cal and the Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) recipients.  If Proposition 61 passes, California will get the same prices for prescription drugs that the pharmas must give to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The lower prices will enable more folks to buy live-saving drugs and will save taxpayers billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Who supports this? Dolores Huerta, Bernie Sanders, the California Nurses Association and other worthy organizations. Who is paying billions to prevent this? Surprise! The pharmas.

Proposition 51? How about $9 billion more dollars for the construction and improvement of K-12 schools and community colleges?

Proposition 55 passes? People making over $250,000 will pay a bit more in state income taxes which our education and public healthcare systems badly need.

The City of San Jose’s Measure E will prevent employers from hiring tons of part timers in order to avoid paying healthcare benefits. If approved by the voters, employers must offer additional work hours to existing qualified part-time employees before hiring new staff.

I hope you’ll study the other ballot initiatives.

The economic powers that be sneak ones in that benefit big business or that nuke people-powered and environmentally just laws that are already in place. For example, Proposition 67 is making us uphold legislation we already have that bans big box stores from giving away plastic bags. A “yes” vote keeps what we already have in place helping our waterways and the creatures that live in them. As if that wasn’t enough for big business, they added another plastic bag initiative, Proposition 65, to confuse and vex us.

Registering or not or voting or not; it’s your choice, but you sitting this out keeps everything exactly the way it is.

Register here: https://vote.nextgencalifornia.org

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