Native Circle at Valley State Prison Send Support For Standing Rock Warriors With Free Posters

The Native Circle at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla send their thoughts and prayers to all those protecting water in North Dakota, Standing Rock from the Dakota access oil pipeline. Anyone can download copies of the poster they created here.

SV De-Bug went to visit our brothers at Chowchilla Valley State Prison. The Native Circle sends a message to all the folks out there Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. These amazing brothers, made this poster in 10 minutes, the eagle symbolizes the highest messenger to send thoughts and prayers to Standing Rock.

"To all our sisters and brothers in North Dakota, we here at Valley State Prison Native Circle are supporting you at Standing Rock to stop the North Dakota Pipeline, along with our families to yours. We stand with you. Aho! #NoDAPL#StandingRock#ProtectWater #WaterisLife"

Emilio Suchil; Blackfoot, Ray Barboza; Mescalero/MexApache, Gary Caldera; Mescalara/Tarahumara Apache, Joseph Reyes; Pueblo/Tewa, Joe Dawson;Yurok, Gene Espinoza;Mono/Youkut, Robert Tobiness;Chippewa/Cree, Joshua Daniels;Washoe, Christopher Treadway; Miwok, William Bacoch;Paiute, Jesus F. Cabral; Yaqui, Jereme Gromer "Redbird"; Cherokee/Tsalagi, David O. Pivo; Dine, Alex M. Hernandez; Apache/Yayo, Michael Tex;Mono

Download Free Posters here or click on the poster

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Jean Melesaine is a queer Samoan community activist, documentary photographer and editor with Silicon Valley De-Bug. 

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