This Week In Peace: It's Up to Us

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventure’s of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah Ramirez brings us more knowledge and good energy for the week with a reflection of how we can keep peace with the decisions we make.

Greetings to all who are reading! What an interesting October! Beyond the weekly upsets of political debates and football, there lies another realm of awareness. In this realm, each moment can be harnessed for higher happiness. We have the power to look around, seeing all that we have as if for the first time. Our world can seem like a paradox. There is injustice and poverty. There is grace and beauty. In our conversations, it's easy to default to negative ways of speaking. There are many negative things to talk about! Yet, how many of those topics are truly worth discussing? Worth thinking or worrying about? Let's use our freedom of speech to build up the people and things around us. There are an equal number of positive things to think and speak about. Be sincere and encouraging. Especially in the mirror, where it counts most.

This week in peace, our theme is decisions. Learning to be decisive helps us to live with greater focus. Correct focus will foster positive changes in our inner and outer world. Decisions are what distinguish vital things from mere meandering thoughts. When our personal choices harmonize with our greater goals in life, we inhabit our lives more fully. We are free to live with the integrity that comes from creating with our words; from using them wisely. In the upcoming weeks, our social climate may prove precarious. Let each of us remain true to our own heart on all issues. It does not serve us to be "swept away by every wind" when it comes to decisive action. Beware of blindly following popular views or believing the bias that we don't have options. Each of us is at liberty to adhere to our heartfelt values and act accordingly for the greater good. Our decisive powers grow stronger when we use them in ways that are meaningful to us. It contributes to peace in our world when its citizens purposefully choose to grow in this way.

Our greatest freedom is the choice to respond authentically to whatever happens. The Dance of Peace is a unique vantage point from which to observe all manner of actions and reactions. Life is always rich with stimulus from our six senses. We cannot control what happens or what others think, do and believe. For example: Earlier the Dance of Peace was launched at the intersection of Race and The Alameda streets in San Jose. There were many people afoot at that time of the day, walking, biking, driving and eating at restaurants in the area. As the dance unfolded, numerous citizens were wonderfully supportive, friendly and kind. Their smiles, laughter and words were joyfully uplifting to the power of peace! The hope of interacting together on the level of peace is what this work is all about. Yet, just as many people passing nearby did not notice the dancing at all. They busily dwelled in their own worlds. We are encompassed in our current experience. This is life itself! The liberty to choose what we notice and to thrive in our individual designs. During the Dance of Peace the energy is elevated to a level of sharing. This energy is a sensation of lightness strong enough to reach out to all with the purpose of being reflected by all. It is up to us to decide whether we are open to wielding this power that is in our hands.

The Dance of Peace grows by decisions. Every time someone decides to ask life what possibilities are available for peace in the heart, dancing is one of them. "Dancing" need not be a finite term or a strictly defined art form. Dancing can be any movement that connects us to our own heart, source energy or each other. It is important to listen as our consciousness nudges us to express from the heart in ways that are fulfilling for us. Once we become proficient at making decisions that reflect who we are, we win. Practice by making small decisions first. Learning to trust ourselves is part of the process. Feel the excitement of stepping more fully into life! From this place of growth, making wise personal choices becomes easy. Thank you and see you out there!


Join the weekly Dance of Peace class at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center in the heart of downtown every Friday from 10-11am.


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