Poem To Celeste Guap and the Millions of Other Girls & Womyn on Mother Earth

Inspired to reach out to not only the young woman at the center of the Oakland sex trafficking scandal, but to other women survivors of all types of assaults Jocelin wrote this piece as a letter to all Womyn from the voices of all Womyn.

I hope this letter finds you well mujer.

Thank you for your existence and for your beauty, inside and out

Thank you for your resilience during times that should not have been in the first place..."

¿Será esa la vida mujer?

No sé… ¿Quizás, verdad? No, no creo.

No puede ser. No será.

A wonderful and wise womyn said: Everything is everything or it is nothing at all.

Eres la verdad mi hermana. You are the truth my sister.

And although it by no means defines you,

The pain, the traumas, the lies we were dealt, I mean; these things don’t define us

Your truths can move mountains.

Bring down police departments.

Change the world.

Like Goddesses Mama?

Como diosas, amor...anything we want.

They had no right

They never have a right

How dare they.

Disculpa hermana es que yo también pasé por algo similar

Yo también

*Nods Head  

Yo también oiga, a mi hija hasta me la mataron

They killed mine too, but she’s still breathing.


Como si me hubieran arrancado un pedazo de mi alma

We’ve failed you

You deserve more

A life without colonization

True love

But you are love

And your truth is freedom

...And so the goddesses’ truth brings down the vile machine

...It is uncovered. Vulnerable. And hurting... Now is the time.



Y así fue como destruyeron al monstruo.

I love that story.

I love how the goddesses aren’t “perfect”

That’s what’s beautiful about them love.


Image by Quynh-Mai Nguyen


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