Intuition is a Tool for Peace

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah encourages us to listen and act upon our intuition.

Khalilah with DJ Vicci from KKUP
 Khalilah and fellow peace activist Conchetta.

Greetings to all who are reading! This time of the year is noteworthy for people in various ways. Some of us are celebrating, feasting and traveling. Others among us are mourning losses that may be particularly painful during the holiday season. We are fortunate to live in a diverse region. As a city, we have the privilege of witnessing numerous cultures celebrating the season in their own way. Yet, across cultures and traditions, this season has a reputation for being notoriously stressful. As we observe traditions in our respective ways, we can use simple tools to increase peace and highly reduce the stress associated with this hectic time. Planning to use anxiety reducing strategies beforehand is step one in staying centered, focused and peaceful. Helping our citizens to thrive in the energy of peace is the core reason this column exists. This week, the peace tool that we will be wielding is intuition.

Intuition is our natural ability to know things based on information that comes from a realm beyond that of our five senses. Each of us experiences our intuition in a unique way. It is an innate function of our human body/mind, and is as natural as breathing. A higher value is often placed on the information we get from our senses and our reasoning minds. It is what we are trained to use and it aligns us with the expectations of others. The reasoning mind is indeed a powerful tool for gathering data with one caveat: It does not have all the data. Data for effective living comes to us from infinite sources. Beyond our five senses, we have access to the under utilized brain function of intuition. How does it work? We have all had experiences where we can't explain how we knew something. It could be anything small or large. A voice, or a thought tells us, "I should check on this person or thing immediately" or "I will take an alternate route home." Often this small voice protects us or helps us to gain an advantage when we least expect it. Learning to hear it is one skill. Learning to listen to it and actually follow its subtle direction is another. Let's explore both.

In a world of distraction, it is easy to become confused about which of the voices or thoughts going on inside of us is our authentic intuition. To tap into this part of ourselves, we must turn down the volume on our other thoughts. Become still within the body and mind. It doesn't take long to sit down and focus our mental energy. From here, we can begin to relax. Let stressful thoughts and feelings fade. The voice of intuition is never frantic. It is a calm, steady voice. Though our logical minds may argue with what it has to say, it is worth learning to listen for.

Lastly, when we hear that voice, act. The more we act on our intuitive thoughts and feelings, the stronger this energy will be. When we learn to rely on it, we live more fully in the flow of life. Synchronistic experiences abound when we expand the use of our facilities in this way. These experiences are life-affirming proof that the universe sees us all; that each life is significant. When we feel supported this way, our inner peace grows. There is no hiding from life. Life is the very light within us shining each day, come what may. We are the children of life itself. Nothing that we do can make us more or less worthy of this gift. Choosing to engage life on a higher level by using our naturally occurring intuition has rewards. Those rewards include a closer kinship with aliveness and each other.

An example from this week to learn from: 

On Wednesday, the Dance of Peace became a segment on the local radio station, KKUP. Never having been a radio show, it seemed like a good idea to write down some things to talk about, main ideas and fundamental factors about peace practices for the listeners. Somehow the time grew short and it never got done. A voice, succinct and soft said from inside, "Don't worry. She will ask you the questions she wants you to answer." This was a prime example of not listening. The worried thoughts continued until, upon arriving at the station, I saw a neat, lengthy list of questions already prepared on the DJ's desk. Together we conquered the list and spread the message of peace over the airwaves. At the end of the interview, another thought came: "Tell her about your idea to return on a regular basis." This, too was ignored. Not wanting to be greedy, it seemed better to leave it up to chance. DJ Miss Vicci had her own ideas. With her smooth, soothing voice she said, " You should return as a regular guest on the show! We could use more people on the radio talking about peace!" Besides being a great idea, it was an amusing life lesson. When that still, small voice speaks, listen. It enhances our personal lives and our world. Thanks and see you out there!

Join the weekly Dance of Peace class at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center in the heart of downtown every Friday from 10-11am.

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