Our Beliefs Can Expand Our Lives

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah reminds us that creating peace is a living activity and that activating both sides of our brains can help us live with more peace.

Greetings to all! This Week In Peace is a column that explores all of the excitement, adventures, possibilities and related subjects surrounding the fine art of creating peace. Creating peace is a living activity. It is a way of life and of being, fully devoid of strict dogma. It is beneficial to our world on the level of healing. It is a practice through which anyone who chooses can bolster their personal experience of life, giving and service. There are endless possibilities of things in our world that work in conjunction with peace. This week we will explore one of the things over which we can learn to wield a measure of control. That thing is our human brain.

In our current circumstances, there is rampant unrest. Just recently, three friends fearfully asked what could possibly be done about "them." That is, people whose beliefs dwell at the vibration of intolerance. This is a valid question. When we become self aware enough to realize that we reap what we sow in terms of our thoughts and actions, other people's beliefs can no longer be our main concern. Our own belief system must be empowering enough to carry us through to better results. Beliefs are created in the brain, governing our lives and bodies for better or for worse. For instance, if we believe that we are bright, we practice seeing ourselves in that way. We do things habitually that affirm that we are that which we believe. A belief like this has the potential to expand our lives, affecting others in positive ways. On the contrary if we believe that we are ugly, we will see ourselves that way, causing an overall negative backlash on our life experience.

The good news is that beliefs can be changed as we grow, gain knowledge and experiment. Yes! 

Despite long standing research, there is so much more to learn about the human brain. It is known that it is the command center of our bodies. It is known that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. It is known that brains are electronically charged. It is changeable in a way that the pathways, the patterns within it can be rearranged to function more effectively. We can become smarter, learn quicker and use that new knowledge in unprecedented ways. How? By expanding our application of the knowledge that we already have! A basic overview of brain function is this: The left side of the brain performs tasks that have to do with logic, math and science. This hemisphere also controls our judgments, self-esteem and fundamental beliefs about life. The right side performs tasks that relate to creativity, insight and imagination. Our awareness of this makes it easier for us to go back and forth between the two modalities within our minds. 

For example, recently during the Dance of Peace at Race & The Alameda, people stopped in nearby lanes with well wishes, gifts and love. Together, we operated from our right brains in the energy of feeling the absolute joy of the art. By contrast, there were those who had negative comments and judgments, using the left brain inefficiently by attempting to apply analytical thought to what they were witnessing. This is not wrong by any means. It is simply an opportunity to practice thinking in a way that is increasingly flexible. When confronted with a spontaneous event like the Dance of Peace, reactions vary. People may react strongly to something they do not understand the purpose of. The true root of this work is not so much a reason or cause as it is a feeling, a power that comes from within and all around us. It is the infinite source energy of peace that lives within us all. It stimulates both sides of the brain by combining the vast arenas of musical exploration and the logic that peace is one of the highest vibrations that we can live on for a healthy, happy life. 

Activating both sides of the brain is powerful medicine for existing at a higher level! When we do that, we become a person who can uplift the frequency of others simply by being near them. Even an hour a week spent shining in this way will alter our experience for the better!

In conclusion, it's obvious that we must develop both sides of the brain to function optimally. One side is not better or more desirable than the other. It's about taking the awareness that we now have of both sides of our brains and how they work, then applying the knowledge of those functions skillfully in our daily lives. Its application to peace continues when we consider that at any moment we can step out of our logical left brain, casting aside all of its judgment, and enter the right brain to fully feel our practice of peace. Similarly, we can transition seamlessly back to our left brains as needed, ready to summon our reasoning, scientific logic and powers of language to share the aspects of peace with others. Let's go forward with the intention of patience and joy. Thanks and see you out there!


Join the weekly Dance of Peace class at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center in the heart of downtown every Friday from 10-11am.

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