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If Phil White Wants to Do What's Right, He Should Retire from the SJPD

In closed session last week, the San Jose City Council decided not to challenge the arbitration process that allowed Phil White to be rehired by San Jose Police Department. White was originally fired from the department after he put out a series of tweets including,"By the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, I'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun." The references were to the Black Lives Matters movement.

San Jose Councilperson Attempts End-Around to Bring in Controversial "Crime Free Housing Plan"

Today at the City's Rules Committee there will be a vote for the controversial Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program - a program that would facilitate the evictions of entire families for an arrest, not even a conviction of a crime through a new partnership between landlords and SJPD. While the housing department will be recommending that the program not be adopted after a community input process where the majority of the public said no to this program, they are also recommending that the biggest proponents of the program initiate a pilot program in Khamis's District 10.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is Wrong for San Jose

The city of San Jose seems on track to join other cities in implementing a Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. Housing advocate, Anthony King writes that this plan is not informed by the residents most impacted and will lead to pushing the already vulnerable communities of San Jose out of their homes.

County Housing Task Force Studies Proposals to Bring Stability, End the Sweeps

Advocates for the homeless community presented the Santa Clara County Housing Task Force with 3 proposals to bring relief from the constant sweeps of homeless camps, allowing people to gain some stability in their lives while the larger issue of affordable housing continues to be debated.

Silicon Valley Homeless Count Results Raises Questions About Accuracy

A new census report released this week finds that the number of homeless people in Silicon Valley has dropped to its lowest level in the past decade. Those numbers, however raise questions for many, including Anthony King, a homeless advocate and formerly homeless person himself who took part in the census count.
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