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The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame: 13 Songs That You Probably Had No Clue Were Anti-Female

Christopher Patrick Nelson spent his teens and early twenties immersing himself in rock culture — magazines, books, album liner notes, and black leather jacket. A music genius of some sorts, he converted to Islam that got him serious about feminism, and had to reconsider the songs of great Rock artists that he once loved.

Every Day Is Women’s Day for Observant Muslims

Christopher Patrick Nelson writes how his Muslim faith informs how women should be treated, and he brings the message forth on International Women's Day.

Why I’m Not a Goth – and Why You Probably Aren’t Either

Edith Wharton wrote classic Gothic literature like All Souls, but she wasn’t part of an underground subculture. Anne Radcliffe wrote The Mysteries of Udolpho, but she didn’t paint her nails black.

The Big Dark Secret at the Heart of the Gothic

Christopher Patrick Nelson on the anatomy of being Gothic.

The Top 10 Dark Lords of Cinema

As new super-hero focused fill up the box offices, Christopher Patrick Nelson reminds us to never forget about the villians.

Rare Metals

A poem by a San Jose author and poet on economic justice.

Why Heavy Metal Music Has Stopped Growing

Music commentator Christopher Patrick Nelson reviews the history and present realities of the heavy metal scene.
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