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Both Sides of the Bars

An animated conversation with mother and daughter, after mom recently returned from a year long sentence in prison. This is part of a series called "Children of Re-Entry" done in partnership with New America Media.

LOL’s, OMG’s, and GMO’s: Monsanto and the Next Generation

On May 25th, communities all over the world will be demonstrating against Monsanto -- a multinational bio-tech corporation that is creating genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and has vast lobbying power in the halls of goverment. In San Jose, the march will start at San Jose State.

"Technically" - An Animation Short on a Technological Adventure

"Technically", is a short animation created by Courtney Coffman. It depicts a teen who turns to the internet to try to learn how to play a guitar. Find out what happens when he does.

An Animator's Life: How Big Business Is Growing and Killing My Art Form

A young animator has seen her industry grow exponentionaly over the past few years. But is the greed destroying the integrity of the art?
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