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Workers Rally for $15 Wage at Fast Food Restaurants in San Jose

More than 150 people joined a morning rally in East San Jose on Thursday April 15th to support fast food workers in their fight to raise wages to $15 an hour and join a union. The McDonald's on Story Road and Capitol Expressway was one of hundreds of restaurants targeted for actions across the country. Six workers walked off the job that day to join the rally, inspiring supporters of the campaign in its initial stages in the South Bay.

San Jose Families Join National Day of Protest Against Police Murders

On Tuesday, April 14, the families of Antonio Guzman Lopez, Phillip Watkins, and Diana Showman came together to call for accountability of their loved ones’ deaths at the hands of law enforcement. The action began at the site where Antonio was killed by San Jose State police on 8th and San Salvador Streets, marched through San Jose State campus where the families and supporting students and community urged students to come out, and ended at City Hall. This action coincided with the national day of protest against police murders.
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