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The Problem With the Term 'Transracial'

With the controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal, former president of the Spokane Washington chapter of the NAACP, a new conversation about the idea that a person could transform their ethnic identity to whatever ethnic group they identify as is taking over social media. Contributor Hector Gonzalez, warns that the acceptance of transracial identity is especially troubling for people of color, when our realities in facing injustice has not transcended race.

I’m not a Republican but I’m not a Liberal Either!

Writer Hector Gonzalez tells us about his politics through his experience and why he doesn't identify with a Republican nor a Liberal.

San Jose: The #16 Coolest City To Live According To Forbes

Forbes magazine releases "The Coolest Cities to Live In" and San Jose and Los Angeles are tied at #16. Writer Hector Gonzalez, a longtime San Jose resident now living in Los Angeles, spits game about the real reasons the cities are cool and why Forbes got it wrong.

The Hip Hop Non-Profit Taco Truck, Without The Tacos

When taco trucks meets hip hop cyphers, check out a new innovative non-profit trying to keep hip hop on the move with taco truck strategies.

Why Oscar Will Prevail

The buzz in the boxing world is that Richard Schaefer has just resigned as CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, the company he cofounded and helped build with Oscar De La Hoya. Richard Schaefer is credited as being the mastermind behind the success of Golden Boy, with his help making it the powerhouse that has steamed rolled over its rival company Top Rank.

Latino Culture: Belittled By Hollywood, Amplified By The Rest of The World

When the "Cesar Chavez" biopic came out, it opened up with poor reviews and empty movie theaters. It failed to connect with the general audience, not because it's a good or bad film, but because the Latino story doesn't connect on the big screens. The Latino story may not be a hit in Hollywood, but go to places even behind the Hollywood scenes and everyone is loving Latino culture.

Is San Jose's Roots a Thing of the Past?

As San Jose grows as a tech mecca, commentator Hector Gonzalez wonders where the iconic cultural "jewels" that made San Jose's identity have gone, and the implication of the loss on the city.

Why Angulo vs. Canelo had a lot to with Mayweather and Lara

From last weekend's big boxing bout against boxers, Canelo and Angulo, Hector Gonzalez drops the politics behind the win and loss of each boxer.

The Kanye West Yeezus Album: Get With It or Get Left Behind

Hip Hop artist and writer Hegotistic drops a little knowledge for all you Kanye West haters who are about to get "left behind."

Adrien Broner is the NOT THE NEXT BIG THING

Everyone is saying after last weekend's fight Adrien Broner is the next big thing, writer Hector Gonzalez goes in on why you shouldn't get too excited.
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