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The Factual Lies of Donald Trump

Every provocation provides an opportunity of deeper reflection, and Marcos takes us there with his commentary on Donald Trump's recent controversial statements. In full defense of immigrants, he reminds us of a deep disconnect with truth in the U.S. and the projections made on groups of 'others' - "the words of rape and crime are the words of a deeply rooted pathos in the psyche of America," he writes that," after the end of slavery were used to further the constant persecution of freed men and women, who to this day have to live under the threat of an absurd fear."

Deferred Action, The Sleepless Night

Both a day laborer and a scholar, he reflects on the policy, his life, and his place in America.

The Kings

Marcos Reyes is an amazing San Jose based poet who writes about the hardships that life throws at him.

Sweet Home Alabama

For many immigrants Alabama has seized to be called home, in an exodus compared only to those of a famine or a depression, the cause is due to Alabama’s anti immigration law HB 56. It is regarded as the nation's strictest anti-illegal immigration law, tougher than Arizona SB 1070.

Occupy Wall Street. Occupy San Jose. A Night with the Resistance.

After spending a night in the tents, author Marco Reyes comments on the significance of the Occupy Wall Street movement locally in San Jose, and what the movement means in the backdrop of history.

Mrs. Elena. Writer for a New World.

Internationally acclaimed Mexican author Elena Poniatowska spoke at the National Hispanic University, and received an honorary doctoral degree. An ongoing scholarship was announced in her name.

The Latin American in the Modern World

Author Marco Reyes reflects on the current popular imagination of the Latin American, from the geopolitical, to what he observes while working as a store clerk.
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