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San Jose to Host the US Social Forum

Shamako Noble, National Coordinator of the US Social Forum, explains why it matters that San Jose was selected as a host site for the gathering of organizers, artists, and movement-makers.

The Rise of the "Silicon Valley Bay"

Commentator and community organizer Shamako Noble has lived all over the Bay Area. He sees an esculation in the number of people who no longer can afford to live in the cities they grew up in as corporations move in and increase the cost of living. He named this phenomenon "Silicon Valley Bay."

The Pedagogy of Hip Hop: Media Consolidation, Black Manhood, and Art in America

Fueled by events such as the VMA fiasco to Dave Chappelle walking off the stage -- this has become moment to reflect on the current state of culture in America. Commentator Shamako Noble writes of the history, consequence, and the high stakes of hip hop in 2013.

Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, and the Value of Human Life in America

Commentator Shamako Noble discusses the Martin decision and the recently released movie "Fruitvale" in the backdrop of race, hip hop, and social movement in America.

Going to the Gym Once Won’t Make You Buff, So Why Think Voting Once Every Four Years Makes You Politically Engaged?

Writer and organizer Shamako Noble, who has been traveling the country speaking to communities about their political futures during this election season, describes a new framework for what he calls, "political health."

America Awakes

We have it in our power to build the world all over again. –Thomas PaineWithout a vision, the people perish, and we the people are perishingright now. Destruction rages all around us like a hurricane. Itentangles us, closes in on us, leaves us short of breath. There’stoo much confusion. We struggle to rub the sleep from our eyes. By Hip Hop Congress (National) & CHAM Deliverance Ministry

Hip Hop Chess Federation Brings Disciplines and Community Together in San Jose

This weekend the Hip Hop Chess Federation hosted it's 5th Anniversary celebration at Alum Rock Youth Center. The event was a complete success. Walking into the venue, one would see children at chess boards with proud parents hovering in the wings. Many members of the San Jose Hip Hop ...

Hip Hop Congress Partners With Women's Economic Agenda Project and the World Courts of Women

New Partnership in the works to utilize Hip Hop and Urban Culture as a tool to empower leaders who are creating educational, economic, social, spiritual and political change.

Fresh Coast Trippin: A Year Back in the SJ Hip Hop Scene

After leaving his beloved hometown of San Jose, Hip Hop artist Shamako Noble speaks about his return and the changes of the local hip hop scene
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