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Rent Control Vote is Ultimately About Racism and Inequality

San Jose's upcoming vote on rent control carries with it the possibilities of a future San Jose, writes Shaunn Cartwright. The process to consider revising San Jose's existing apartment rental ordinance has revealed a deep line in the sand between property owners and tenants, one that the council has the power to deepen or close next Tuesday April 19.

An Open Letter to the San Jose City Council and Santa Clara Board of Supervisors

Following an unprecedented vote by San Jose City council to approve sanctioned campsites for the homeless, the County Board of Supervisors now has the final say on moving forward. Writer, Shaunn Cartwright, urges them to do what is morally right.

On Mental Health Issues, Gun Control, and Child Incarceration

The recent Oregon mass shooting at a community college by a student stirs up memories of one too many tragedies involving guns, mental health and child incarceration. Writer Shaunn Cartwright writes, "It seems all too common that people with mental health issues have access to guns... and this seems to me the real issue that our elected officials need to address."

Local Government Public Meetings Should Allow Public to Feel Heard

Writer Shaunn Cartwright describes exercising her civic responsibilities this past Tuesday to weigh in on important issues at both San Jose City Hall and the County Board of Supervisors meeting. She describes frustrations that many share during public comment and contrasts leadership styles that leave some folks heard and others feeling barely tolerated.

Proposed Bay Area Wage Study is Flawed and Divisive

San Jose joins a regional effort to increase the minimum wage to avoid wage gaps between cities, but troubling exemptions may leave out the most vulnerable -– parolees, homeless, and emancipated foster youth -- writes author Shaunn Cartwright.
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