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American Dreaming in Downtown San Jose

Chinese immigrants Jimmy and Lucy share their tale of coming to America with next to nothing, how they were taught to make burritos from Mexican immigrants, and their "second home" Peking House Restaurant where they serve the San Jose community -- from longtime regular costumers to homeless in the area. Video produced by Stephanie Flores and Jesus Medina.

"You Should Buy Both" -- A Mexican Mother's Words to Her American Daughter

As part of a multimedia series called "Arriving and Becoming: The Silicon Valley Story as Told by Immigrant Elders", Stephanie Flores tells the story of struggle and happiness of her mother through a powerful photo essay and a moment of shopping.

Chat Roulette: Gambling with Love, Loneliness, and a Whole lot of Naked

When Cesar told his sister Stephanie that he met a "Tahitian girl" on the internet, she began her investigation into this international chatting experience.
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