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The Only Affordable Place to Live in San José is My Car

Ed Note: San José is one of the least affordable cities to live in in the country - according to the National Association of Home Builders only 21% of San José’s households can afford to buy a median priced home versus the national average of 63%. According to the last count in 2013, there are 4,770 homeless people in San José, with the majority of those living outdoors, in parks, a car, or encampments. Yaveth reveals how he is one of those folks navigating the few options a lack of affordable housing in the land of plenty leaves. He spent a year and a half living out of his car after his family was forced to move to Tracy when they lost their San José home of 25 years to foreclosure. Only recently a friend convinced him to share the rent on a garage, he now has a regular place to rest his head, but without the owner of the home knowing there's another tenant.

Minimum Wage Workers Deserve Higher Pay, But Also Respect

San Jose and the rest of California increased the minimum wage. Author Yaveth Gomez shares a personal insight from working these jobs that shows why it's not only the money that has to improve, it's the treatment of minimum wage workers as well.

Rescuing My Deported Aunt from a Hole in the Tijuana Canals

When he saw her profiled on a Spanish news special on ñongos -- underground encampments of the deported and homeless built in the canals of the US and Mexico border -- he knew he had to go save her. The family packed in the Ford Flex, drove down to the border, and pulled her out of a hole in the ground -- literally.
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