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East Palo Alto Youth Talk Changes as Tech Companies’ Growth Spill into Their City

Youth United For Community Action (YUCA) is a long time East Palo Alto community organization that's always been in the hood - literally, their office is in a house in the neighborhood. From campaigning against environmental racism and eventually shutting down Romic - a hazard materials recycling firm, to stopping violence in their neighborhood the youth seem to be up against another goliath - their current next door neighbors in Palo Alto, Google. Read what the youth have to say about the ensuing changes they're seeing in their neighborhood. 

For San Mateo County Youth, Arrests Can Lead to Deportation

In San Mateo County, youth as young as 10-years-old face deportation from contact with the criminal justice system. Youth United for Community Action gathered responses from families, lawyers and advocates on the impact on the county's practice. Learn more at: www.stopdeportingyouth.com.
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