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An Open Letter, Apology To CNN Reporter Jeanne Moos: Pacific Peoples Don't "Decorate Bums" Or "Rub Noses" For Fun

Written in response to CNN journalist Jeanne Moos segment on Prince Williams family's visit to Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the Maori welcoming ceremony.

Pasifika Arts In America

While in Aotearoa(New Zealand) for a month and a half, I was grateful to be in a place of what I call the Pasifika Arts mecca. As a Samoan artist born and raised in America, reshaping the way I think about art and navigating our culture through America makes you think.

Aotearoa Chronicles: Week 3 "The Factory"

There are moments in life that remind me of things I've forgotten, like my parents immigration journey in intricate detail. "The Factory", the first Samoan musical was like finding the secret I knew best, my parents story.

Aotearoa Chronicles Week Two: Pasifika Artists You Should Know

"Island time" is a concept in the islands that things get done whenever they get done, aka this posting about my second week in Auckland is getting posted late but all with the greatness of the Pasifika artists that have been inspiring me this last week.

The Aotearoa Chronicles: Week One in the "Land of the Long White Cloud"

There are some things I don't question especially when it comes to my life, even with all the heavyness I have no complaints, good and bad it has led me to "Aotearoa", The Land of The Long White Cloud, the place where my grandfather has rest his life, people call it New Zealand.
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