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San Jose's Latino Sound Party Crew Holds Strong For a Sixth Year Through Downtown Changes

With changes in the nightlife of downtown San José, one crew holds strong to Downtown's original roots: a party for everyone. When a lot of locals feel unwanted in local clubs, Sonido Clash enters their 6th year of keeping downtown San Jose classic and inclusive.

A Spoken Word Invitation to the US Social Forum Held in San Jose

Check out Saline Chandler's powerful spoken word piece that communicates the message of a national movement and serves as an invitation to join the US Social Forum, which will be held throughout the month of June. This year, San Jose, along with Philadelphia, will serve as convergence points for the forum -- drawing movement-builders from across the country. As forum organizers write, the forum,"is not a
 conference but it is a space to come up with the peoples’ solutions to the 
economic and ecological crisis."

DACA: Returning Home To Mexico After More Than 20 Years

After coming to this country as the age of 7, Cesar Juarez finally got a chance to return to his home of Mexico after 20 years of being undocumented once he received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. He tells his story of his experience returning to Mexico his home, and then returning to the place he now knows as home, San Jose.

Building with Gideon’s Promise in North Carolina

We were honored to give a training session at Wake Forest University Law School to the next generation public defenders from across the South on how they can make social biography videos. The attorneys were a cohort of Gideon’s Promise, the amazing training program for Southern public defenders that is also focus of the HBO film Gideon’s Army.

Former Foster Youth Finds Housing and Support

The story of a former foster youth who found hope and stability through EHC LifeBuilders' THP-Plus program.

Sandy Cuadra: The Passing of The Heart of The Mission

Sandy Cuadra, a lifetime Mission District resident, recently passed away. Her niece Jade Rivera remembers how her legacy continues through the Mission District of San Francisco, a place that's slowly changing through gentrification but will forever carry the spirit of Sandy and those who made it what it is to this day.
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