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Aotearoa Chronicles Week Two: Pasifika Artists You Should Know

"Island time" is a concept in the islands that things get done whenever they get done, aka this posting about my second week in Auckland is getting posted late but all with the greatness of the Pasifika artists that have been inspiring me this last week.

Rebuilding Newtown.

A graphic showing the rebuilding of Newtown by the little ones that lost their lives.

Samuel Rodriguez Art Show from Loft in Space Hawaii

Samuel Rodriguez just returned from his hallmark exhibit opening in the acclaimed Loft in Space Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii. Here are photos of the displayed pieces.

Schoolin' The Schools Media Contest

Schoolin' The Schools Media Contest has dropped! DeBug wants you to turn in your video, song//spoken word, poster art on: Your Vision on How Silicon Valley Schools Could Better Serve, Prepare and Inspire Students

Just Sayin' - Lifestyles of the Young and Undocumented

Artist and "Undocumented American" AD Avila shares his position that President Obama's new immigration policy is a hurtful one to immigrant families, through a comic and an audio description of the experiences behind the art.

5 Tips For Queer Boys

San Jose Poet/Artist/Activist and East Side's Queer Extraordinaire Yosimar Reyes gives his 5 tips for queer boys (with art from artist/activist Julio Salgado currently running a project called UndocuQueer.)

Legacy: The Art of Mike "Dream" Francisco

Mike "Dream" Francisco's art inspired a generation, and brought together the worlds of art and activism, before his untimely passing in 2000. A decade later, the Manilatown Heritage Foundation is displaying his work through a commemorative gallery. Photographer Abe Menor reflects on Mike "Dream" Francisco's work and influence, and shares photos of the gallery.

Commemorative Poster Art for De-Bug's Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project

An artistic rendering of De-Bug's Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project.

Aaron De La Cruz - Pattern, Design, Fresh

Aaron De La Cruz is a Bay Area based artist delivering fresh new work that continues to inspire. http://aarondelacruz.com

De Gallery

Located at 701 Lenzen Ave. San Jose Ca. 95126. A monthly rotating galley that provides a space for artists to showcase their work.
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