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Occupy San Jose Protester Occupys City Hall's Third Story

This morning San Jose City Hall employees and Occupy SJ members watched as a giant message was hung by Shaun O'Kelly.

Q&A: Eddie Colla and the 99:1 Movement

New Jersey-native Eddie Colla is a Bay Area based artist whose creations have become some of the most popular artistic images to emerge from the Occupy Wall St. movement. New America Media’s Zaineb Mohammed spoke with Colla on the inspiration for the images, as well as their deeper meaning for the growing movement. 

Budget Cuts are Not Only Eliminating Jobs, They Are Leaving our Youth Hanging

Ever since youth counselor David Madrid lost his job as the City of San Jose slashed youth programs, he has worried most of all of the young people he knew who no longer have support systems, and the future they face without them.

Inside the Shadow Economy -- Touch Me for Money, Life as a Male Escort

When "Edward" needs cash fast he relies on the one thing he has complete control over: his body.

Ponzi Scheme

Simon's poem explores the economy in which we are currently in, many went homeless, more are in a worst economic state, but also many profited from all this.

Eastside Under Attack -- Young Men Discuss the Causes and Solutions to Rising Violence Video

Eastside Under Attack -- Young Men Discuss the Causes and Solutions to Rising Violence from DE BUG on Vimeo.

Going Off The Wrong Track:Caltrain Slowly Disappearing

Story/Video By Daniel I. Barreiro Bay Area's train service is operated by Caltrain, which is facing a deficit of $30.3 million, estimated for fiscal year 2012. This crisis could of been avoided, but in our oil-thirsty car culture, public transportation is just a second thought.
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