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A Glimpse Into Justice: Judge Manley’s Drug Courtroom is What the Justice System Should Be

Judge Manley seems to be a rare breed in the criminal justice system as author of this article Gail Noble explains. Judge Manley's positive affirmation to clients seems to make them want to try harder and fulfill all of there tasks. The loyalty and compassion of this judge seems to raise the weight of the world off clients' shoulders.

Parolees and Service Providers Describe the Challenges of Re-Entry

California counties, including Santa Clara County, are currently creating plans on how they are going to reduce the number of people they send to prison. De-Bug interviews community members who have been recently released from prison, families who's loved ones are currently incarcerated, and service providers.

Pastor Johnny Welcomes Parolees Home, and Connects Them with Needed Services

As counties across California struggle to develop plans to respond to Governor Brown's mandate that they receive thousands of inmates from the state prison system, one local pastor has already developed a working blueprint.

Light At the End of a 17 Year Tunnel: The Pamela Allen Story

Pamela Allen had spent 17 years in a locked facility due to a court order. She was on the path to spend the rest of her life there, until the day her mother Rosie Allen met Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project organizer Gail Noble.

CA’s Goal to Reduce Prison Overcrowding Hinges on Counties

In response to a Supreme Court decision, California will be reducing the number of people being sent to prison. Jayadev contends that this shift represents a historic opportunity for counties to re-imagine their criminal justice systems.

My Friend's Eulogy A Poem in Rememberance of Demetrius Campbell By Society of Metafizix

keep waitin' to hear from you D I guess its sinkin' in now that im writing your eulogy when you passed, all i could think about was you and me

Photographer Charisse Domingo at Euphrat Museum Opening

In March of 2009, De Anza College opened up the new Euphrat Museum in Cupertino, California.

Community Response to New San Jose Police Chief

David Madrid of Block to Block radio interviews Bea Mendez of the Coalition for Justice and Accountability on the recent selection of the new San Jose Police Chief.
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