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De-Bug: Voices from the Underside of Silicon Valley - BOOK

SV De-Bug is proud to announce the anticipated release of our book De-Bug: Voices from the Underside of Silicon Valley. The stories shared in these pages come from folks who didn’t even think they have a story to tell. The stories shared in these pages come from folks who didn’t even think they have a story to tel

Traffic Tickets Stopped My Life for Six Years

Daniel Zapien was 20 years old when he first lost his drivers license. After two tickets, it took him more than six years and $5,000 dollars to be able to hold this card once again. He was in what California Governor Brown calls a "hellhole of desperation." A new bill, Senate Bill 405, was recently proposed for stories like his.

The Life and Times of Kevin Weston

Online edition of the commemorative newspaper dedicated to media pioneer, leader, and father Kevin Weston. Layout and design by Josue Rojas.

A Student's Guide to Common Core

Common Core is dramatically changing what standards students can be held to, what curriculum is used in the classroom, and ultimately how students may perform in the real world after they leave the campus. But what are students perspectives of Common Core, and what role do they see themselves playing in its implementation?

"The Beat Within" Latest Issue

SV De-Bug's friends "The Beat Within" have dropped the latest issue of their online magazine, created by incarcerated youth from all over the nation. Click the picture below and check it out.

Sisters That Been There Magazine: Break the Cycle

The first issue of Sisters That Been There, written by formerly incarcerated women for currently incarcerated women. The publication is a product of Sisters That Been There, a support group for formerly incarcerated women in Santa Clara County.

America Awakes

We have it in our power to build the world all over again. –Thomas PaineWithout a vision, the people perish, and we the people are perishingright now. Destruction rages all around us like a hurricane. Itentangles us, closes in on us, leaves us short of breath. There’stoo much confusion. We struggle to rub the sleep from our eyes. By Hip Hop Congress (National) & CHAM Deliverance Ministry

If My Teacher Only Knew

Check out this special edition of De-Bug magazine, a revealing inside look into our public education system, written by South Bay high school students.

GlassClops issue #3 December 2011

GlassClops is a film photography magazine, and along with this third issue brings Ashley Gulizia, Andrea Acosta, and Alicia Aldama.

GlassClops #2 October issue

Magazine dedicated to film photography featuring Abraham Menor, Stephen Brown, Aaron Cho, Paul Glover, Vladimir Tikay, and Kasha Guilfoyle-Jackson.
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