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Santa Clara County DA’s Office to Now Consider “Collateral Consequences”

In response to the increasing number of immigrants deported for minor offenses, the DA’s offense is implementing a new approach which allows prosecutors to consider factors beyond the limited scope of the charge and sentence.

Parolees and Service Providers Describe the Challenges of Re-Entry

California counties, including Santa Clara County, are currently creating plans on how they are going to reduce the number of people they send to prison. De-Bug interviews community members who have been recently released from prison, families who's loved ones are currently incarcerated, and service providers.

Sogorea Te; Native Americans Protect Sacred Site Glen Cove

Photographer Jamie Emerson and g$ take photos of Sogorea Te(Glen Cove) ceremonies after a final closing ceremony for the prayer vigil & encampment at Sogorea Te(Glen Cove) held on Saturday. Story by Luella Muñoz

Under the Skin of San Jose — De-Bug Magazine Issue #22

Read the digital version of De-Bug's print magazine. Entitled "Under the Skin of San Jose," this issue features articles from downtown hustlers, homeless youth and a new generation of cultural entrepreneurs.

Community Response to New San Jose Police Chief

David Madrid of Block to Block radio interviews Bea Mendez of the Coalition for Justice and Accountability on the recent selection of the new San Jose Police Chief.
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