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Family Secrets Travel With You: A Review of Sandip Roy's Debut Novel 'Don't Let Him Know'

After living in the US for twenty years, writer Sandip Roy currently based in Calcutta has dropped his long awaited novel, "Don't Let Him Know" following the story and secrets of an Indian family's migration.

DLabrie Exclusive Interview: Making of Psychotic Thriller Video “Maniac”

SV De-Bug got into the holiday spirit, by obtaining an exclusive interview with Oakland MC (who also considers San Jose home) about his spooky music video "Maniac." which touches on Stalking, Sexual Harassment & Abuse.

Why Angulo vs. Canelo had a lot to with Mayweather and Lara

From last weekend's big boxing bout against boxers, Canelo and Angulo, Hector Gonzalez drops the politics behind the win and loss of each boxer.

So Django Wins An Oscar

A couple nights ago actor Christopher Waltz won an Oscar for his role in director Quentin Tarrantino's film "Django" not only did he win an Oscar he also won a Golden Globe. Why all the winning? We asked DeBug's own, young Luke Quesada what he thought about all the fuss.


Sonido Clash is a movement that takes your parents music to the next level so you can dance the way they did.

The Law of Rythm Rocks Downtown San Jose

San Jose Zulu threw a show at in downtown San Jose, bringing diverse aspect of the Hip Hop community together, with proceeds going to the YWCA's victims of domestic violence program.

Alot of Suspense, But Not Enough Blood and Guts in "The House At The End Of The Street"

De-Bug writer Kymeira gets a sneak peak into the new horror film, "The House At The End Of The Street". Check out her new review to the long awaited film soon to come out to theaters across the country.
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