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"Sisters That Been There" Graduates Their First Class

Steeda Mcgruder was incarcerated with a dream to help the women she was locked up with to find themselves. That dream has been made real with her counseling group "Sisters That Been There". Here is the commencement by Steeda from the first graduation.

Korean Americans Look Inward After Oakland Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO -- The shooting that killed seven at a private Christian university in Oakland would never have happened in Korea, where owning a firearm is outlawed. That at least is the assessment of community members who point to America’s own thriving gun culture as a causal factor in this and other incidents.

"Slenderman" Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of an ongoing story of fiction by Baylingual. To catch up check out Chapter 1

Short Fiction: "Slenderman"

Baylingual's debut fiction piece starts with the disturbing news of a dangerous mind on the loose.
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