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We Speak Baylingual is a Bay Area music blog that takes you across every bridge that the Bay has and crosses it by connecting with music artists, producers, directors, and all things connected to the sounds of the language that the Bay Area speaks, hence; "Baylingual"

Suite 801: A Couple of Hours with Rey Res

"Suite 801" is what San Jose Emcee, Rey Ressurreccion’s studio is called. It’s where he spends most of his time creating music, gathering ideas, and enjoying the view of his city. Baylingual had a chance to catch up with the Emcee for a couple of hours in the suite where the magic happens.

VIDEO: Pesos Bodega Highlights Brands, Culture, and Style to San Jose

Music blogger Baylingual and photographer Jesus Medina collab on a video to feature the homies at Pesos Bodega -- a street wear boutique that recently opened up in San Jose. Pesos highlights the cultures that make this city and provides brands that are innovating the fashion and style game.

We Speak Baylingual Video Feature: Young Gully

SV De-Bug's very own Baylingual got a chance to have a sit down and go behind the music with an up and coming Bay Area artist known as Young Gully. He is an artist from Oakland, California who has a lot to share from inspirations, first time performances, advice, and obstacles he has to go through to follow his dreams. 
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