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Cesar Flores

The Everyday Yogi: One Man's Journey to Find Himself Through Yoga

He started practicing yoga to feel better physically. But after learning the practice through teachers, videos and books, says the true essence of yoga has little to do with tying yourself in knots.

An Act of Trust: How Keeping ICE Out of Jails Builds Community Cooperation

Santa Clara County has been lauded nationally by immigrant rights advocates for its policy of keeping ICE out of its jails. Two years after the implementation of the policy, local community members, faith leaders, and civil rights groups share their observations of how the policy has built needed trust in the county.

DC Decisions Shake My San Jose Home -- How the Sequester Hit My Family

The term "sequester" -- referring to the federal budget cuts that went into effect in March due to the Congress failing to agree to a budget -- seemed like a distant issue to San Jose writer Cesar Flores. But those decisions in DC cost his dad his job here in San Jose, and the family is doing what they can to hold on.

Stories of the Uninsured in Riverside

The following video shares the experiences of attendees of the We Connect health fair held in Riverside, California on March 2, 2013. Interviews feature a young woman who just found out she qualified for health care, a resident who can now get medical services for his diabetes and dental needs ...

Art In Soul

Sherilynn Blevins is a life long artist. She tells her story as an artist, explaining how art to her is so powerful that it moves her instead of the other way around.

Santa Clara County Immigration Policy Watch

Santa Clara County has been a leading voice in protecting the rights of immigrants in the face of escalating federal immigration enforcement. SJ Beez/Silicon Valley De-Bug presents a resource page featuring media coverage, policy memos, data, and other information on Santa Clara County’s policies regarding immigration matters.
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