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Demone Carter

Hip hop artist and youth educator, Demone Carter's column, Life After Hip Hop, provides insight into the changing landscape of hip hop culture and politics.

"Valley of the Heart" Teatro Puts Silicon Valley's Struggle with Race on Stage

El Teatro Campesino's "Valley of the Heart" serves as a window into the racist past of the country and also Silicon Valley at a time when similar divisive sentiments are boldly and publicly being displayed.

Phife Dawg’s Passing Marks The End of an Era

The hip hop world just lost one of the greats yesterday, Malik Isaac Taylor aka emcee Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest lost his battle with his health. Demone Carter, the 2016 Silicon Valley Artist Laureate writes on what his life meant to him, from emcee to emcee.

Cinequest: The Coolest Thing You're Not Doing

Demone Carter writes on one of San Jose's biggest festivals that happens in the quietest theatres in downtown, the Cinequest Film Festival has been around for more than a decade now. Check out what your missing at this year's festival.

A Sunday Afternoon of Peace, Love and Hip Hop

On Sunday September 28, 2014 @St. James Park; San José's Inaugural Peace, Love and Hip Hop Festival launched a free event featuring dance showcases by B-Boys, Poppers and Krumpers, live DJ's & MC's kicked off by a keynote speaker with activities for children.

An Open Letter to the Artsy/Activists Who Judge Us For Watching Sports

Warriors, Giants, Mayweather/Guerrero: this weekend had the sports world buzzing. But there was one group of folks who were not so engaged -- the "non-sports fan." Commentator Demone Carter takes on the eternal question posed by this group: why sports?

SJ$1DAY - A Movement to Support Independent SJ Artists

WHAT IS SJ$1DAY ? Dem-One, "San Jose's self appointed Hip Hop ambassador" plans on launching an event called SJ$1DAY, March 31st 2012. The Idea is for the community to support local artists by spending one dollar for one song on one day.

Dem-One LIVE @ The Pagoda Lounge

The Life and Times of DEM ONE- Hip Hop artist, father, husband, and social entrepreneur. This is a live recording of his set this past Thursday at The Pagoda Lounge opening up at the Ungrammar event put on by Thomas Ramon Aguilar. Other artists featured that night were Anya & The Get Down + Talib Kweli & Res as Idle Warship.

Troy Davis Dies, But Will His Movement Live On?

After a number delays, and a groundswell of support which included celebrities and national civil rights organizations, Troy Davis was executed in Georgia. Author Demone Carter wonders about future of the movement which called for his freedom, one that was widely built through social media.

The Battle of the Bay is Ruined By Tough Guy Syndrome

In the wake of the violence that broke out at Saturday's Raider vs. 49ers pre-season game (which included numerous fight and two shootings) there's plenty of blame to go around.

Battlin' My Demons video produced by DA HERMIT

San Jose emcee DemOne releases his new video "Battlin' My Demons" produced by DA HERMIT. Check out his blog at Lifeafterhiphop.com.
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