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Hector Gonzalez

I’m not a Republican but I’m not a Liberal Either!

Writer Hector Gonzalez tells us about his politics through his experience and why he doesn't identify with a Republican nor a Liberal.

San Jose: The #16 Coolest City To Live According To Forbes

Forbes magazine releases "The Coolest Cities to Live In" and San Jose and Los Angeles are tied at #16. Writer Hector Gonzalez, a longtime San Jose resident now living in Los Angeles, spits game about the real reasons the cities are cool and why Forbes got it wrong.

The Hip Hop Non-Profit Taco Truck, Without The Tacos

When taco trucks meets hip hop cyphers, check out a new innovative non-profit trying to keep hip hop on the move with taco truck strategies.

Latino Culture: Belittled By Hollywood, Amplified By The Rest of The World

When the "Cesar Chavez" biopic came out, it opened up with poor reviews and empty movie theaters. It failed to connect with the general audience, not because it's a good or bad film, but because the Latino story doesn't connect on the big screens. The Latino story may not be a hit in Hollywood, but go to places even behind the Hollywood scenes and everyone is loving Latino culture.

Why Angulo vs. Canelo had a lot to with Mayweather and Lara

From last weekend's big boxing bout against boxers, Canelo and Angulo, Hector Gonzalez drops the politics behind the win and loss of each boxer.

Adrien Broner is the NOT THE NEXT BIG THING

Everyone is saying after last weekend's fight Adrien Broner is the next big thing, writer Hector Gonzalez goes in on why you shouldn't get too excited.

Latin America Takes a Step Away from U.S. Policies and Towards Independent Future

"This weekend marked the first time in years that El Salvador, who leads the world in youth homicide rates, had no homicides. At the same time, the Latin America summit is going on where Latin America is pleading America to change its war on drug policies, there's a connection there", writes author Hector Gonzalez.
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