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We Speak Baylingual

We Speak Baylingual Video Feature: Young Gully

SV De-Bug's very own Baylingual got a chance to have a sit down and go behind the music with an up and coming Bay Area artist known as Young Gully. He is an artist from Oakland, California who has a lot to share from inspirations, first time performances, advice, and obstacles he has to go through to follow his dreams. 

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: I'm an Independent High Roller, with an Everlasting Bang in Hip Hop, can Ya Dig It?

This week in Hip Hop is special since we are getting alot of new admissions. Some of the OG's and the Newer artist are working tough at creating a movement out of the Bay Area. So check out this week's music choice with Ziggy, Tazzino, Nebulous, and Dem One.

*Video Alert* Rey Resurreccion - CREAM

Rey Resurreccion recently has dropped his new music video called CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me, or Corporations Rules Everything Around Me).   Check it out and enjoy one of San Jose's prestige artist.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: A Rememberance of the Past to Look at Our Futures

This week in Hip Hop is special for it signals the 2nd year anniversary our fellow SV De-Bugger Yung Ghost (Demetrius Cambell) was taken from us. This tribute is an honor of the homie Rhyming In Peace. Hope all is well with you bro, I know you sipping that Holy Hennessey.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: A-1 "Out the Speakers"

Got a chance to catch up with A-1 through his busy schedule, to ask him what influences him, what he is up to, and his social issues.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: The "African boi" got a "Hawkeye" on his "Dreams" more valuable than "Gold Bars"

This last couple months in music has been good really good with people dropping their mixtapes/EP's/and Albums. This week I have brought to you 3 projects and a video by some of the artist that is pushing in the city of San Jose. So check it out

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Malcolm Lee and Society: "Power Trippin" EP

The homies Malcolm Lee and Society of Metafizix have been working hard on this EP for last year, and this is the fruits of their labor.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Metafizix Stays "Posted" In Their New Video

San Jose Hip Hop crew, Metafizix goes down to Sunset Boulevard in their new video "Posted".

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: "I Am An UnderDog" (NEW MUSIC COLA)

This week in Hip Hop has been an Underdog week. Cola of Metafizix dropped a mixtape that showcases his graduation into a songwriter.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Whats the Equation of Life at 21?

This week there has been a good amount of music that was released by local artists all over San Jose. So welcome to the 1st weekly weekend music tribute done by your host Baylingual.
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