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We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: San Jose Music Scene Starts Off New Year Strong

In January 2013 major label artist A$AP Rocky's album dropped, but what about the artists from San Jose? Like Ziggy? Voekahl? ThatFoolAl? YDMC? BlessYaSoul? Raul y Mexia? All artists that are either growing or finding their places in this Hip Hop scene. People say we ain't got music? Well, here I am to give you the 411 of San Jose music in 2013.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Metafizix Stays "Posted" In Their New Video

San Jose Hip Hop crew, Metafizix goes down to Sunset Boulevard in their new video "Posted".

San Jose's Art and Culture Renaissance's New Film

A preview trailer of the upcoming documentary on the art and culture renaissance of San Jose, " Scenes Are Temporary, Movements Are Forever".

Sh*t Abusers Say

Youth from San Jose's Next Door Solutions Domestic Violence Agency create a series of videos on youth domestic violence.
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