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The Kanye West Yeezus Album: Get With It or Get Left Behind

Hip Hop artist and writer Hegotistic drops a little knowledge for all you Kanye West haters who are about to get "left behind."

When the Drop is All You Got

Fernando J Pérez produced this video for the Poverty Forum held on November 3rd at the Martin Luther King Jr Library in San Jose, CA. He interviewed four young Bill Wilson Drop-In clients about their experiences trying to make it the Silicon Valley.

GlassClops #2 October issue

Magazine dedicated to film photography featuring Abraham Menor, Stephen Brown, Aaron Cho, Paul Glover, Vladimir Tikay, and Kasha Guilfoyle-Jackson.

Ponzi Scheme

Simon's poem explores the economy in which we are currently in, many went homeless, more are in a worst economic state, but also many profited from all this.
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