March To Heal The Valley

CHAM Deliverance Ministry is organizing a March to Heal the Valley from October 7-10, 2013. We will begin in East San Jose and conclude at the corporate campuses of Apple and Google in the North County.  Silicon Valley  has long and rightly been heralded as a world-class center for innovation. It has also come to symbolize the glaring polarization of wealth that is destroying America. We will crisscross the diverse neighborhoods and gather those devastated by the recent sequester cuts, the homeless, the people with little or no health care, the foreclosed, the underpaid, the unemployed, and people of conscience. Together we will march to the gates of the wealthiest corporations in the world to see who will join our campaign for SOLUTIONS TO POVERTY.
Why march to the corporations for a problem that appears to be caused by the government? Because the corporations have the power to force the government to change its priorities. The corporations themselves indirectly caused the sequester by relentlessly lobbying for corporate tax breaks. We will ask them lobby to end poverty instead.
We will ask the corporations to:
·Offset the impact of the Federal sequester on the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara ($21 million).
·Guarantee living wage jobs and benefits for all security and service workers connected with Silicon Valley’s leading industries.
·Fund a Faith Center to bring together the faith community to house and serve
the homeless.
·Join our campaign to demand that government end the housing crisis and bring about the total, direct, and immediate abolition of poverty called for by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sign up sheets are available at Silicon Valley DeBug (701 Lenzen Avenue San Jose, CA 95126) and online at 

Sign up sheets are to be mailed or dropped off to CHAM Deliverance Ministry (304 N Sixth St, San Jose, CA 95112)

Monday Oct 7
 9:00 am.           Gather at Story-King
9:30 am            March to Sacred Heart   2.6
10:30 am           Rally at Sacred Heart
11:00 am           March to SJSU              1.7
12:00 noon        Rally at SJSU
2:00 pm             March to Bellarmine       2.7
5:00 pm            Arrive at Bellarmine
Total miles Monday        7.0
Tuesday Oct 8
9:00 am           Depart from Bellarmine
                        Lafayette                       2.3
                        San Tomas                    1.3
                        Lawrence                      1.6
                        Wolfe                            0.9
                        Svl-Sarat Rd                  1.0
4:00 pm           Arrive at Svl Pres           0.6
Total miles Tuesday       7.7
Wednesday Oct 9
9:00 am            Depart Svl Pres                                                 
11:00 am           Arrive at Apple, rally, etc.                        2.1
1:00 pm            Depart Apple N on Svl-Sarat Rd                                                                                
                        At El Camino N on Mathilda                    2.9
                        Maude Av                                              1.4
                        Turn E on Ahwahnee
                        Cross 101 at Borregas ped overpass
5:00 pm            Arrive at The Rock Church                      0.9
Total miles Wed             7.5
Thursday Oct 10
8:00 am            Depart The Rock
                        Return to Mathilda & Maude                    0.9                               
                        W on Maude to Logue
                        S on Logue to Middlefield Rd                   2.3
                        W on Middlefield to Shoreline                  1.6
                        N on Shoreline to Charleston
                        W on Charleston to Google                     1.5
12:00 Noon        Arrive at Google                                                  
4:00 pm            Depart Google to St. Joseph by vehicles
Total miles Thurs           6.3 
Mon Oct 7 9:00 am – Depart Story and King, San Jose
Mon Oct 7 at 12 noon - Rally at the Smith-Carlos statues at San Jose State University
Mon Oct 7 at 7 pm – Evening program at the Leontyne Chapel, Bellarmine College Preparatory School,
                960 W. Hedding St., San Jose 95126 (near the University Ave campus entrance)
Tues Oct 8 at 7 pm – Evening program at Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, 728 W. Fremont Ave.,  
                Sunnyvale, CA 94087 (Corner of Fremont& Hollenbeck)(in the Gym)
Wed Oct 9 at 11 am – Rally at Apple, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 (near De Anza Blvd. & Mariani)
Wed Oct 9 at 7 pm – Evening Program at The Rock Church, 929 Weddell Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Thurs. Oct9 at 12 noon – Rally at Google, Charleston Park, Charleston Rd, Mountain View, CA  94043
Thurs. Oct. 10 at 7 pm – Evening program at St. Joseph Church, 582 Hope St., Mountain View, CA 94041
                (corner of Hope & Mercy Street)(program is in the basement)
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