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Silicon Valley De-Bug

Silicon Valley De-Bug has been a staple organization for the community of San Jose and Silicon Valley for the past 15 years.. De-Bug started as a media organization publishing magazines and online multimedia focusing on the unheard stories of Silicon Valley, giving a voice to the voiceless. Today, De-Bug is nationally recognized for it’s advocacy and media focused on the criminal justice system, immigration, wealth inequality, and police brutality. Both, Andrew and Adrian, are a part of Silicon Valley De-Bug

Andrew Bigelow

Wealth inequality in the United States continues to grow as the gap between the wealthy and the poor is as big as it has ever been. If we are concerned about this growing disparity in the United States than we must engage in dialogue around the issue. In the epicenter of this disparity is Silicon Valley where the contrast of the country is highlighted in one of the wealthiest places of the country and most innovative. Andrew Bigelow was born and raised in the working class East San Jose but attended a wealthy private high school in West San Jose. The story of wealth disparity in Silicon Valley is a lived experience for him and his family living in the two worlds in the same valley. With the lens of an artist and organizer from San Jose, Andrew’s story is engaging and informative to start the dialogue around wealth inequality in the United States.

Adrian Avila

Immigration continues to be a pressing concern in United States politics and in public discourse. Collectively there are problems to be solved and conversations to be had. Adrian Avila’s story is important to consider in this conversation having traveled to the United States from Mexico undocumented, growing up illegal in Silicon Valley and eventually being granted his ___ at the age of 30. Now the creative art director at Silicon Valley De-Bug, Adrian is a success story that can ignite dialogue and open up to students about his experience.  

Participatory Defense

Silicon Valley De-Bug’s Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project (ACJP) is a family organizing model focused on transforming the process of the courts by family involvement in the process. ACJP was born out of a need in the De-Bug community dealing with incarceration and a court process that left families feeling helpless. Through ACJP, family and community started playing an active role in the court process eventually leading to the creation of Participatory Defense: an organizing model where family and community becomes agents of change by actively participating in the court process to affect the outcome.

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